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The day that Socrates came to the planning meeting

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Standing outside on a chilly oil and gas production and drilling platform, watching the tool box talk at the work site, I could see that the supervisor was doing most of the talking and the team fidgeted as they waited, anxious to get going with the job at hand.

As a coaching psychologist often engaged in improving safety and efficiency, I'd been asked to visit 3 separate offshore oil and gas production installations, observe how the work was being conducted, and identify opportunities for improvements.

After nine days, 3 north sea oil and gas platforms, and a wealth of insight, I returned to land. Everyone I had spoken to had identified a multitude of opportunities where they felt things could improve. It appeared that the main opportunity was in anticipating problems and opportunities sufficiently in advance to accommodate them. Once the job was underway, troubleshooting was one hundred times more risky and costly. To read the full article, please visit: