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Become a High Impact Facilitator (1 day)

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At PSi Partnerships we know that being a highly effective trainer is the result of having not only the skills to bring information to the learner, but also to be able to combine learning outcomes with a deep understanding of our clients’ challenges. Teaching your people to become a high impact facilitator requires understanding of your needs, as well as experience and the training expertise.


Our first step is to liaise with our clients to gain a deeper understanding of their challenges and opportunities and to customize the training to support them. We also support our clients in designing learning plans to support learners in applying their new skills, knowledge and attitudes back in the workplace.

This course is designed to engage, empower, and encourage learners to effectively facilitate groups for improved performance in a way that motivates and ensures consistent progress, helping them to achieve their event or meeting outcomes, avoiding the usual pitfalls. This one-day course will give your people the skills they need so that they not only learn, but also enjoy the process, retain and apply the information shared, and apply their new skills back in the workplace. Parts of this training can be completed as e-learning modules at the learner’s own convenience.

What Will You Learn?

  • Learn how to plan and structure a group event including an ideal meeting 

  • Understand how to manage groups and avoid the usual pitfalls 

  • Rehearse the presentation and communication skills required for high impact 

  • Understand one’s own communication and learning style 

  • Consider the underpinning values and behaviours of a learning and continuously improving organisation and how to develop these in others 

  • Consider typical organisational improvement and learning events e.g. Lean, Technical Limit, After Action Reviews, post operations reviews, learning history analysis, case study design, root cause elimination, 
production, maintenance and planning optimisation, health and safety, etc. (this can be customised to suit the groups in question)

  • Work through a self-selected pre-prepared meeting or event (before, during and after the course) 

What Topics are Covered?

  • Practice effective facilitation
  • Effective group events, tools and processes
  • Optimal meeting management
  • How to present and communicate
  • How to deal with difficult situations and overcome conflict
  • Event follow up and sustainable impact

What’s Included?

  • Instruction by an expert facilitator
  • Small, interactive classes
  • E-learning, classroom and follow-up to support onsite application
  • Specialised manual and course materials
  • Personalised CPD Institute certificate of competence

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