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Learn how to Manage Change and Convert Resistance into Engagement (1 day)

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At PSi Partnerships we know that being a highly effective trainer is the result of having not only the skills to bring information to the learner, but also to be able to combine learning outcomes with a deep understanding of our clients’ challenges. Teaching your people to be adept at resolving conflict requires this understanding and experience from us, as well as having the training expertise. Our first step is to liaise with our clients to gain a deeper understanding of their challenges and opportunities ,and to customise the training to support them. We also support our clients in designing learning plans to support learners in applying their new skills, knowledge and attitudes back in the workplace.


This course is designed to engage, empower, and build managers and supervisors who can swifty dissipate conflict and resilstance, and engage those stuck in conflict in collaborative, solution-focused action.

This one-day course will give your people the skills that you need so that selected staff members not only learn, but also enjoy the process, retain and apply the information shared, and use their new skills back in the workplace. Parts of this training can be completed as e-learning modules at the learner’s own convenience and pace. Satisfactory completion of training, including providing some evidence of having assimilated the learning back in the workplace, is accompanied by CPD Institute accredited certification. For those who have completed their accredited Performance Coaching training, this training is one of the additional modules for becoming an accredited advanced performance coach.

What Will Staff Members Learn?

  • Understands the conflict escalation cycle and can relate this to their own experiences of conflict. 

  • Has learned the basics of workplace conflict resolution mediation, including identifying positions, interests, establishing common ground, and other levers for collaboration. 

  • Utilises position-shifting and influencing questions and communication. Can identify likely sources of resistance and devise strategies for overcoming them. 

  • Can document and demonstrate progress with individuals and teams.
  • Can identify likely sources of resistance and devise strategies for overcoming them.

What Topics are Covered?

  • Usual sources of conflict in the workplace
  • Building collaborative relationships that support cooperation and overcome resistance to change
  • Create powerful engagement strategies.
  • Emotional Self-awareness and mastery: recognising and managing one’s own values, emotional triggers, strengths and weaknesses
  • A model of conflict mediation for the workplace
  • Tools and templates for resolving conflict , engaging people and driving change
  • Workplace conflict resolution case studies
  • Workforce engagement case studies

What’s Included?

  • Instruction by an expert facilitator
  • Small, interactive classes
  • E-learning, classroom and follow-up to support onsite application
  • Specialised manual and course materials
  • Personalised CPD Institute certificate of competence

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