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Site Leadership for Operational Excellence (3 Days)

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At PSi Partnerships we know that being a highly effective trainer is the result of having not only the skills to bring information to the learner, but also to be able to combine learning outcomes with a deep understanding of our clients’ challenges. Teaching your people to be highly effective performance coaching managers and supervisors requires this understanding and experience from us as well as having the training expertise. Our first step is to liaise with our clients to gain a deeper understanding of their challenges and opportunities and to customize the training to support them. We also support our clients in designing learning plans to support learners in applying their new skills, knowledge and attitudes back in the workplace.

Site Leadership for Operational Excellence

– A Programme Summary

For a future dominated by lower market prices, tighter profit margins and ageing infrastructure, exceptional leadership is required. To survive, leaders at all levels will require finely developed Operational Excellence leadership attitudes and skills.

This programme uses proven accelerated learning techniques to create high levels of engagement and participation. It has been designed for attendance by established or emerging teams and other worksite related groups, e.g. senior management and supervisory teams, for instance an offshore leadership team and performance champions. It is accompanied by the CPD Institute’s accreditation, providing an industry-recognised external qualification in Site Leadership for Operational Excellence.

Delegates will discover the impact of their own leadership style on their site’s performance culture, whilst learning how Operational Excellence and performance management tools can be used to good effect within their environment.

What Will Site Leaders, Managers and Supervisors Learn?

  • Learn how to coach and apply goal setting theory to empower and transform their teams 

  • Understand how to provide regular constructive and corrective feedback 

  • Review the theory of motivation and explore its applicability in their operations 

  • Rehearse communication skills required for high workforce involvement 

  • Understand the how to lead and manage change 

  • Consider the underpinning values and behaviours required of their organisation, as one that continuously seeks to learn and improve and how to develop these in others 

  • Understand the applicability of various improvement approaches relevant to their operations e.g. Lean, Six Sigma, Technical Limit, After Action Reviews, post operations reviews, learning history analysis, case study design, root cause elimination, 
production, maintenance and planning optimisation, losses elimination, etc. (this can be customised to suit the groups in question)
  • Gain insight from industry specific case studies provided in the course work and work through a self-selected pre-prepared case study 

What Topics are Covered?

  • Establishing the Operational Excellence vision and values for the future
  • Effective behaviour modification strategies for improved outcomes and accelerated change
  • Developing your performance culture, for Operational Excellence to thrive
  • Harnessing the psychology of performance and applying this to individual performance leadership styles for transformation
  • Developing the leadership and performance coaching skills, essential for fostering Operational Excellence at your worksites
  • Working through performance improvement opportunities – analysing and framing them against your operating Operational Excellence model and performance toolkit
  • Creating high collaboration and teamwork for sustainable Operational Excellence

What’s Included?

  • Instruction by expert coaches and trainers
  • Small, interactive classes
  • E-learning, classroom and follow-up to support onsite application
  • Specialised manual and course materials
  • Personalised CPD Institute certificate of competence

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Site Leadership for Operational Excellence
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