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Client Learning Histories

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An Example Real-Time Results Summary:

A series of north sea platform wellhead actuator spring change-outs needed to be conducted right-first-time, and safely. This was achieved through applying a trained and coached technical limit and learning before, during and after (LBDA) approach, in order to fully optimise the exectuion.

With full involvement of cross-functional expertise, onshore and offshore, this series of change-outs was simulated, planned for on paper, and then executed in a sequence, one after another, each time implementing the lessons learned from the previous.

Budget: £185,000 Non Productive Time Average: 26%

Actual: £106,000 Non Productive Time Actual: 5.5%

Some Background History:

Platform operations identified that springs in various UMGV and FWV actuators in some of the water injection wells were not fully expanding with the valve in the closed position. A repair campaign began in July 2002. After 2 unsuccessful visits, a rigorous planning and learning exercise was undertaken with full contingency planning. There followed a 3rd visit that, with our coaching and the the team collectively applying Technical Limit planning and LBDA, proved to be 100% successful, with significant cost and time savings.

The climate for success, including active leadership in detailed, cross-functional planning and learning, was essential to the success. The key message was one of continually improving, and working smarter rather than faster. Safety was priority number one!

Sample Results

Patrick Landry
Patrick Landry
Patrick Landry