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Our Clients

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Often leaders in their respective fields already or with aspirations to be the best, our clients continually strive to ensure their continued competitive position and growth. They initially seek our services to provide them with an independent health check and to gain insights into opportunities to achieve “Olympic standard” performance. Some have already developed a performance optimisation approach (for example, Theoretical Maximum Performance) and seek our assistance to effectively implement it.

With project experience in oil and gas, railways, forestry and aerospace, our consultants benefit from significant cross-industry learning and provide our clients with an enhanced competitive edge. Image

Testimonials – What PAST clients have said

“PSi has been involved in the planning and execution of several projects, which came in circa 40% below the original budget figures (based on historical cost). Their systematic approach encouraged maximum involvement of all personnel and contributed to excellent team spirit, enabling a step change in performance.” (Harry Verkuil, Senior Well Engineer, North Sea Oil & Gas operator)

“PSi enhanced some of our tools and systems, enabling our employees to free up some time to focus on what is important in day-to-day operations… PSi changed our behaviors and attitudes towards getting the job right first time, challenging all the issues that could hinder the operation and being more focused on costs.” (Allan Reoch, Project Leader, North Sea Oil & Gas Service Company)

"Jo Milne brought a new concept to [Technical Limits] coaching, bringing substantial savings to the platform. She encouraged new ideas, which resulted in further savings. Her input was invaluable." (Operations Supervisor, North Sea Oil Platform)

"As a result of Patrick’s hard work, I feel that our operation is now more competitive and that we have the necessary tools and knowledge to keep improving." (General Manager, forestry company, Canada)

"The methodology and the systematic approach used by PSi has been key to achieving the desired results. This was accomplished through the involvement of all personnel, which also had a significant positive impact on morale". (Senior Well Engineer, Central Asset, North Sea Oil & Gas operator)