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Operational Excellence (OE) for Offshore North Sea Assets

Customising OE practice for ageing, low-producing assets as well as for newer, higher producers

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This project entailed embedding standardised ways of working towards OE, across asset management, production, maintenance and operations, involving both onshore and offshore teams. The biggest challenges encountered were the cultural constraints, relating to markedly different working conditions and organisational values across the asset portfolio, including entrenched habits acquired on one asset of +30 years standing versus another that had been in production for less than 10 years.

The cultural, behavioural changes required on one platform were markedly different to another, and required significant modification in order to enable the teams to continue to respond to a poorly maintained, ageing platform, as well as incorporate the OE practices that would add significant value over the longer-term.

This was one of the most challenging projects, with many opportunities for conflict and blame on all sides. The client hoped for significantly faster embedding of results across all platforms, however much was learned by all about customisation in order to accomodate ageing assets in seeking OE. The cultural aspects of any implementation should never be underestimated!


Despite the setbacks, this project delivered significant production improvements, delivering a return-on-investment of greater than £10:1 in the short-term. Since then, this Operator has continued to tailor and customise their approach in seeking OE, including new assets as they are brought on-line.