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Drilling and Completion "Seeking Perfection" Practice in Safety and Operations

Drilling on an ageing semi-submersible became a top performer!

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Following a tragedy involving two fatalities, this project involved significant culture change, including safety leadership (onshore and offhshore), as well as helping the offshore team increase their confidence, in empowering and involving all team members to become active in seeking improvement, and over time measuring their performance gains.

From starting out on their performance journey as a devastated and grieving team, they became active and positive in seeking to continuously improve .

As a mix of rig contractor and Operator, the team were entrenched in blame and misgivings, with good reason. Working to improve proactive safety leadership and management was the number one priority, in order to ensure such a disaster could never be repeated. Thereafter a technical limit and learning before, during and after methodology was implemented, with the offshore team becoming particularly active.


Lost time incidences (LTIs) had averaged at one every quarter following fatalities, and were reduced to zero due to the embedding of an active leadership and management of a Safety Observation Management System. Safety Committees which had been passive, became confident and active. Additionally, performance coaching offshore embedded a technical limit and LBDA methodology which reduced non productive time (NPT) virtually by half. A dramatic culture change occurred whereby the values, behaviour and attitudes shifted from being highly reactive and blame-driven to proactive and collaborative.