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Onsite Support

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Initially, we conduct a diagnostics study to clearly identify opportunities and then collaboratively discuss them with our client. We then work to develop a tailored, strategic implementation plan to meet the client's needs, working together in co-creating the realisation of their organisational goals.

We provide a multifaceted learning and development, tailored to various levels, including modified performance management systems design and implementation. We can integrate into our client’s organisation for the duration of the work, leaving a proven and auditable process in place when we leave.

The methodology and the systematic approach used by PSi has been key to achieving the desired results. This was accomplished through the involvement of all personnel, which also had a significant positive impact on morale. (Snr. Well Engineer, North Sea Oil and Gas Operator)

Often leaders in their respective fields already or with aspirations to be the best, our clients continually strive to ensure their continued competitive position and growth. They initially seek our services to provide them with an independent health check and to gain insights into opportunities to achieve “Olympic standard” performance. Some have already developed a performance optimisation approach (for example, Theoretical Maximum Performance, or Operational Excellence) and seek our assistance to effectively implement it.

With project experience in oil and gas, railways, forestry and aerospace, our clients benefit from significant cross-industry learning and this provide them with an enhanced competitive edge.