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Operational Excellence Performance Coaching Academy

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Become a Performance Coach (3 days)
Site Leadership for Operational Excellence (3 days)
Learn how to Manage Change and Convert Resistance into Engagement (1 day)
Become a High Impact Facilitator (1 day)

Providing accredited coaching training: as leading performance optimisation coaches and trainers, we recognise that training your own people to become willing and able performance coaching leaders, managers and supervisors as well as champions of improvement and change is a critical step on your journey to sustainable performance optimisation and operational excellence. We are comprised of site leaders and professional coaches and bring a valuable breadth of operational experience and insight. Our training is accredited by the Continued Professional Development (CPD) Institute, meaning it is verified externally, and provides attendees with the CPD certification, also allowing them to accrue important CPD hours, where members of chartered institutes.

We are experienced in delivering training that engages, motivates and transforms, as well as working hand-in-hand, on-site, with leaders and front line people to further develop their skills, the systems needed for continuous improvement, as well as the learning culture which drives sustainable improvement.

Operational Excellence Performance Coaching Academy - Tailored to Your Environment

This academy has been designed to address performance optimisation competency gaps in order to transform your business performance, developing the Will as well as the Skill of your entire workforce.

Academy Principles:

• Safety is never compromised – always enhanced • Cost control and quality is everyone’s business • Operational Excellence depends upon an aligned and enabling culture • Leaders at all levels create the culture • Developing site leaders as performance coaches – and providing supportive coaching and mentoring for site leaders – accelerates progress • High workforce engagement and collaboration is a critical enabler • Organisational learning, systems thinking and continuous improvement underpin sustainable results

Here's just one example of a learning development strategy we developed with some of our clients:

Well intervention teams had been challenged with reducing their non-productive time (NPT) figure, however they did not believe that much of it was within their control. In providing tailored performance management training and coaching to all senior to middle managers and supervisors, designed specifically to enable the application of a project delivery quality process (something they had struggled to embed), our client achieved total involvement of teams in seeking a "perfect day" execution (often referred to as Technical Limit and sometimes as Lean Drilling). These teams more quickly changed their mindsets, behaviours and results. Over the course of a few months, these teams demonstrated a reduction of 12% NPT, with significantly improved contractor and other cross-functional relationships reported.

We feel that we had the best well delivery process in place but our people didn't understand how to effectively apply it. In working through the issues, we quickly prioritised planning and through higher team involvement, reaped the rewards!

Issues previously deemed to be outwith the team's control, such as waiting on weather, waiting on permits, waiting on production, were quickly reframed and through involving all parties at earlier stages of the delivery process, and collectively celebrating the improved results, these with many others were mitigated against.

Training and Coaching

Training inhouse coaches, managers and supervisors who adopt a coaching style, coupled with onsite specialist coaching and mentoring, supports the accelerated implementation of practices needed to achieve new enhance results in compressed timeframes.