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Why Become a High Performance Coach?

As coaches we love our work, enjoy the challenges, the opportunities, particularly helping people grow and develop. Coaching is now being recognised as a core management competency.

Here's a short video on the merits of coaching and what can be achieved.

If you'd like to develop this competency in your organisation or yourself, please get in touch!

How to Analyse Your Business Readiness for Change

This is often one of the earlier steps in determining the costs, time and risks involved in any changes being proposed by the business.

I write this blog, as this is also one of the most 'grey' areas of organisational change consulting.

With that said, most businesses need definitive answers in relation to their most critical questions:

1. How long will it take?
2. How much will it cost?
3. What are our risks
4. What must we do to eliminate them?

The day that Socrates came to the planning meeting

Standing outside on a chilly oil and gas production and drilling platform, watching the tool box talk at the work site, I could see that the supervisor was doing most of the talking and the team fidgeted as they waited, anxious to get going with the job at hand.

As a coaching psychologist often engaged in improving safety and efficiency, I'd been asked to visit 3 separate offshore oil and gas production installations, observe how the work was being conducted, and identify opportunities for improvements.

Genius is Asking the Silly Question

“What would the universe look like if I were riding on the end of a light beam at the speed of light?”- Albert Einstein

Never one to take himself too seriously (this photograph was taken during his 72nd birthday festivities, one that he liked so much he made it into his greeting card!), physicist Albert Einstein was famed for imagining the impossible through asking the seemingly ridiculous question, leading to his General Theory of Relativity.


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