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Operational Excellence Coaching for Performance

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Where leaders, managers and supervisors adopt performance coaching, they consistently demonstrate accelerated and effective development of your organisation's performance improvement capability. Coaching is used regularly to improve efficiency, reduce cost, enhance safety and ensure sustainability through building a highly empowered, collaborative and ultimately responsive workforce. To-date this has been undertaken by many FTSE 100 companies however it is by no means common practice.

We are skilled performance coaches, trainers and senior managers who have run many improvement programmes, and work to transfer our knowledge, skills and experience to those seeking an accelerated step-change in their performance through coaching and transformational change.

Common practice is too often entrenched in the old ways of working, based upon a reactive rather than a learning mindset. Our coaching for Operational Excellence has been identified as a core leadership skill, essential for rapidly intervening on these mindsets and habits, in guiding, involving and empowering others to take the steps needed in order to achieve collective improvements.

We provide Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Standards Office accredited training, onsite coaching and onsite coaching and mentoring support in order to provide your front line leaders, managers and supervisors with critical performance improvement tools being promoted by your organisation, performance coaching and change management skills, for accelerated achievement of your Operational Excellence goals.